The Vaccination Team have now been in and administered the Spring Covid Boosters for our consenting residents, to keep their immunity up. While covid cases are becoming less frequent and less impactful we are starting to see rates increase across some localities in Scotland and therefore wish to remind all visitors to remain vigilant for covid symptoms and postpone visits if in doubt. The option to phone or video call is always available.

This week we have been making the most of the glorious April sunshine and getting out in to the garden to plant sunflowers. On days when the sun is slow to heat up we’ve been enjoying playing ball games indoors and exercising our muscles during the daily armchair exercise class. When the sun does flood the seated area we’ve been spending long periods of time outside lathered in suncream, eating ice cream and chatting the afternoon and early evening away. There’s something about the companionship our residents provide one another, not to mention the laughter that flows into the building!

We are making lots of plans for the upcoming King’s Coronation and more information on this will be shared with relatives in due course.

We wish everyone a good week.